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What to Bring for Day and multiday rafting trip

A quick dry T-shirt & short 

Sun glasses with retainer

Long sleeved top primarily for sun protection

Longer shorts provide better sun protection for your thighs but draw strings are best.

Certain rapids have a healthy appetite for loose-fitting shorts and you risk giving fellow afters an expose. 

Do not wear long trousers as they will become water logged and a liability should you swim from the raft.

Sun-cream for protection you skins from sun. Avoid putting this on your forehead where it will get washed into and irritate your eyes.

We recommend barefoot travel in the rafts but you can bring flip flop in your raft  give it to guide that he can tie . 

You can wear trainers or sandals but both will get wet and you risk loosing the later to the river. Unless your sandals have secure buckles, velcro straps are likely to come loose and them   on the river.

Bring a towel and change of clothes for the end of you river trip. Everything you wear will come back wet.

If you want you can bring small digital cameras. But make sure that has to go in the dry bag while you are on the river.

Bring always a Big Smile for the trip.


What you don’t need to bring in the raft:

Do not bring any jewellery such as Wedding ring Neck less, watches  Phone, Cameras

Passport any ID Card or other items of value you would not like to lose.

Any hard shoe or sandal 

Eye lances 


We provide:

A fashionable helmet for your head mainly to protect you against other people pretending to paddle well in the rapids.

A high-buoyancy lifejacket designed to bring you to the surface and allow you to swim safely through any of the rapids we raft. 

Each of these rapids has been swum safely hundreds of times.

Paddles for all paddler while you are rafting.

Dry bag to carry sun-cream and medical essentials (asthma inhalers, cigarettes etc.) on-board the raft with us.

An excellent international team of guides, safety kayakers, rafts, first-aid supplies, paddle jackets for inclement weather, and particularly good company.

Good luck with packing for a rafting trip and we hope to see you on the Ganga  River!





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