First of all, relax-you're in good hands. White World Expeditions has been a leader in adventure travel for many years, providing white water rafting, Trekking and specialized in multi-day trips for travelers of all ages and abilities. Our goal is provide best adventure with safety which, has been to help people enjoy "the best outdoor experience of their lives."


White World Expeditions guides share of themselves and their knowledge and they remember that this adventurous vacation is about you and your experience on the river. They’re patient with the same question they’ve heard a million times, helpful to the biggest klutz on the trip, and they anticipate your concerns while routinely catering to your comfort on the river and in camp. They are funny, storytellers, wonderful cooks, best companions, and of course, excellent river guides. They have a keen sense for each of their clients, and watch for the hole that needs filling, or the rainbow that needs an “Ah!” to keep it going.


As you assemble at your meeting place, you may notice travelers of all ages and athletic abilities represented among the group of rafters. Additionally, you will no doubt recognize kindred spirits in your fellow  World Expeditions specializes in small group travel with group sizes that range from 6 to 12 travelers to as many as 25 travelers on a full trip generally with 6 to 8 passengers in a raft.

Your guides, who are the single-most complimented component of our organization, will greet you and explain in detail what you may expect throughout your trip. They are pro's at keeping you calm as you venture beyond your comfort zone our goal is for you to have a fun and memorable experience. The trip leader will provide a detailed safety talk before getting in the raft and distribute the appropriate gear. White World Expeditions.’ boats, equipment and gear is top-of-the-line and rigorously maintained. Rest assured knowing that we use only the best and most reliable equipment.

You will choose your boat (often you’ll have the option of an oar raft, paddle raft and guide, tighten your lifejacket, fasten your helmet and allow the fun to begin. Whether you enjoy quiet moments of floating on a calm stretch of river or paddling through heart-pumping Class III- V whitewater, your vacation has arrived! You will experience new thrills, see new parts of the world and create memories to last a lifetime.

After a morning of river running as your adrenaline and jittery nerves begin to fade, you will stop for lunch on sandy silver beach. Which chief prepaid in the morning No doubt the guides will find a sandy beach on the river bank or otherwise appropriate place for a hearty meal.We prepare lunch as you compare the morning’s experience with friends, family and fellow travelers. Lunch may be a delicious spread of cold cuts and Indian food, with hummus and veggies in soft pitas, there will also be a seemingly endless supply of cookies for dessert, or a fruit salad and a cool drink on the trip


The guides pack up and everyone returns to their rafts for another thrilling ride to camp. You may change boats and join new friends or hop in a raft with another guide. Each guide has his or her own unique personality and they all offer insights into the geology, history, you are on the river for no more than 5-6 hours a day-just ¼ of your day-which leaves a lot of time for hiking, exploring, reading, napping and relaxing on the beach.


Our guides are experts at finding the best camp spots away from other groups. You may often feel as though you are the only people on the river. Camp may be at a still, sandy alcove on the water’s edge, or a sunny, green clearing among mammoth cedars and towering cliff faces. There are trailheads, fishing hideaways and swimming holes just a few moments away. For the first-time adventurers, tent set up is a breeze. Your guides can show you how, or help you out. Sturdy tents, cozy sleeping bags and thick sleeping pads give your camp by the river most of the comforts of home.

The guides prepare the rest of the camp-including a private location for the “groover” (bathroom). The remainder of the afternoon and evening is yours to enjoy, whether you choose to play a game on the beach, join a guided interpretive hike, enjoy a good book or hang out with the guides around and explore area & cook prepaired meal. Enjoy the pleasure time after a hot day on the sandy beach.


White World Expeditions The meals we serve are hearty and sumptuous, complete with fresh fruits and vegetables throughout your entire journey. Our menu features great camp cooking in a wilderness atmosphere. Wake up to pancakes, omelets, or eggs cooked to order, complemented by bacon or sausage, juice, and plenty of fresh-brewed coffee, tea and cocoa. Satiate your appetite at lunch with a delicious spread of cold cuts and cheese on assorted breads, pitas, or tasty taco salad wraps. At the dinner table, our guides’ cooking skills truly shine. You may snack on hors d’oeuvres while waiting for vegetables, pasta, rice, and the main course: steak, grilled, or perhaps delicious Indian food Vegetarian options are available if you tell us of your preference ahead of time. And, if you can find room, there will always be something for dessert. Expect to eat as well- or better-than you do at home, without having to do any of the work.


As some of the guides clean up the dinner mess at least one of the guides may break out a guitar or recap the day with a larger than life tale from the river. Evenings might include a star talk, a campfire, a reading from the journal of an early explorer, a joke telling competition or quiet time to contemplate a brilliant, unhindered night sky.





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